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Standard Skin Needling Protocol

  1. Client completes a new patient questionnaire (which includes medical history)
  2. Therapist conducts a comprehensive consultation (average time = 20 mins) covering:
    • Your main concerns about your skin
    • Skin analysis (assessment of skin condition and skin type)
    • Treatment options and associated costs
    • How the proposed treatment will treat your skin condition
    • Your treatment plan and associated costs
    • The side effects and potential complications associated with treatment
    • Signed consent form
  3. Photographs should be taken prior to ALL dermal therapy treatments.
  4. Skin is cleansed and then prepared with an astringent such as alcohol.
  5. Therapist will apply a generous layer of a topical anaesthetic such as Emla®. This must remain on the skin for approximately 45 minutes.
  6. The client should observe the therapist opening the sealed needling device to ensure its safety.
  7. The treatment should be painless, though some areas may feel a little sensitive/sharp. The desired end point is multiple “pin-pricks” resulting in pinpoint bleeding. The blood is regularly wiped away from the treatment area.
  8. Post treatment, the skin will appear reddened similar to a mild sunburn for approximately 24 hrs. Mild pinpoint bruising lasting approximately 24 hrs, mild flaking (exfoliation) for approximately 2 days and some clients will experience a mild discolouration/crusting to certain areas lasting approximately 2 days. The skin fully heals after approximately 7 days.
  9. During the recovery period, only bland moisturisers and cleaners or specifically indicated skin care products should be used and always an SPF 30+ sunscreen.